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This is the homepage from Astrid's knitshop, the English version. Because I saw that my site was frequently visited from other country's it was good to make a English version. My English is not as good as it should be, so may there be any problems with my spelling, please write me! You can also write me for questions you have about the patterns I make or because you want to get my patterns. On the site you will find pictures of patterns and complete patterns. The last ones you can donwload, patterns of the pictures who are already on the site you can become by sending me one string of cross-stitch yarn per pattern. For the complete patterns (sleeves, back and front) I'm asking 5 strings of yarn. These patterns are my own creation.  When you want a pattern from me, I will send the pattern thrue email to you when I have the yarn in my possation. For the format of the patterns you can choose between: jpg-format or PCStitch format.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter from this site. You will get the latest changes of the site and each month in your mailbox a free pattern. For this pattern you can choose from the pictures of the patterns I make. Please write your choise in my guestbook. You can also choose wich pattern you would like to see at this site. Each sunday I will put an full pattern on the site wich you can download. Each saturday at 14.00 (in the afternoon) I would like to have all your votes written in my guestbook. The votes for the pattern you get in to your mailbox (when you have subscribed to the newsletter!) I would like to see those in my guestbook before the month is due. Please write down, when you make a note in my guestbook, weekpattern or monthpattern.

Today I've put the new weekpattern on the site. This is a pattern from the word "first". You can find this pattern on the patternpage (see buttons). I've also put another free pattern on the site because it's fathersday today. Do you want to know wich pattern that is? Take a look at the patternpage.

At the buttons below you can find the pictures from my patterns.

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